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WAV Vehicle Information

We have provided some help topics regards wheelchair access vehicles to provide you with more information about our WAV Vehicles.

Wheelchair Access Vehicle

Wheelchair Access Vehicles or WAV Vehicles as known generally in the industry are vehicles modified for drives or passengers with disabilities. Bridge Street Motors specialises in WAV Vehicles modified for passengers with disabilities. Our vehicles are all modified for passengers in wheelchairs.

WAV Vehicle

To convert an unmodified vehicle or a van differ greatly from one manufacturer to another. Modifications to convert WAV Vehicles (Wheelchair Access Vehicles) fall into two categories, the first is where the individual in a wheelchair is the driver and the second is where the individual in a wheelchair is a passenger. Bridge Street Motors specialise in wav vehicles accessible for the individual in a wheelchair as a passenger.

Side-Entry Wav Vehicles

Advantages of a side-entry configuration include the ability to drive from a wheelchair or sit in the front passenger position in a wheelchair or driver position; enter and exit curbside away from traffic; and more storage space. Disadvantages of this style are that it requires a handicap parking space or extra room for ramp deployment and that some driveways are not wide enough to accommodate the vehicle. Over 75% of personal use wheelchair-accessible vehicles employ a side-entry configuration.

Useful info for wheelchair users

Putting Disabled People First , Some website sites which could be useful to our customers new and old .

When choosing a car, there is a lot to consider.

When choosing a car, there is a lot to consider. Taking time to work out how you will use your car, the types of journeys you regularly make plus considering the things that are important to you in a car can help you choose a vehicle which will best meet your needs.